Detention of Torture Survivors Ruled Unlawful

The High Court judge has today ruled that the detention of torture survivors by the British Government was unlawful following legal action brought against the Home Office on behalf of five victims of torture who had been subjected to lengthy periods of detention in Immigration Removal Centres.
Law firm Leigh Day represented the five claimants whose claims were brought with the assistance of the charity Medical Justice and the Helen Bamber Foundation in order to highlight the systemic failings in the application of the Home Office’s own policy that where there is independent evidence that an individual has been the victim of torture, they should only be detained in very exceptional circumstances.  Continue reading “Detention of Torture Survivors Ruled Unlawful”

GPs must not be a new border agency

The Royal College of General Practitioners has responded to the indication given in the Queen’s speech that GPs and other medical practitioners will be required to check the immigration status of people presenting themselves for consultations: “GPs must not be a new ‘border agency’”. (Ctrl+Click here to read their statement on Migrants’ Rights Network)  Continue reading “GPs must not be a new border agency”

UKBA failing to make correct decisions on asylum applications

Report by ‘Still Human, Still Here’ demonstrated UKBA failing to make correct decisions on asylum applications(Ctrl+Click here for full article by STAR (Student Action for Refugees))

In the last 3 years, more than a quarter of initial decisions made by the UKBA to refuse asylum have been overturned on appeal. A report published by Amnesty International and the Still Human Still Here coalition looks at why this is happening. Continue reading “UKBA failing to make correct decisions on asylum applications”

Release Abdul Ghafar Rajabali from detention

QARN members will be aware that the situation of people being removed to unsafe countries is not unusual.  Leicester City of Sanctuary and other people are finding out how the system operates and have been very active to prevent the removal of Abdul Ghafar Rajabali, a 23 year old from Afghanistan who has made his home in Leicester. He has been detained and is facing deportation to Afghanistan.

Abdul faced terrible persecution in Afghanistan: his father was Russian and when Abdul was a baby, his parents and all his family were murdered. Continue reading “Release Abdul Ghafar Rajabali from detention”