EDD 139 Choice Of Legal Aid Lawyer: “Eddie Stobart” legal aid contracts

This relates to those in the asylum system as these firms will be handling cases where people have offences relating to passports etc.  that take them to the criminal court.  How soon before they provide immigration legal aid as well?

Please ask your MP to sign:

Early Day Motion 139: Choice Of Legal Aid Lawyer
That this House notes the proposed changes to criminal legal aid; is concerned at the removal of the option for the client to make a choice between different solicitors; and calls on the Government to review its proposals to reintroduce a choice for the client.

Sponsors: Hemming, John/ Bottomley, Peter
House of Commons: 20.05.2013


On Tuesday 21 May, a protest against the legal aid cuts took place outside of the Manchester Crown Court. Over 300 Lawyers and barristers protested their anger at what they saw as an attack on the legal system, marching down to the Place Hotel where Justice Secretary Chris Grayling and others were holding a conference.

Photograph: Keith Dewsnup

The Ministry of Justice issued on 9 April a consultation paper entitled ‘Transforming Legal Aid’. The proposals would make prisoners and immigrants who have been in the country for less than one year no longer eligible for legal aid. Continue reading “EDD 139 Choice Of Legal Aid Lawyer: “Eddie Stobart” legal aid contracts”

G4S: Outsourcer Nick Buckles retires at 52, a multimillionaire

Security company G4S and its executives have got rich dismantling public services.

Yesterday a man called Nick Buckles retired, aged 52, with a fortune in excess of £20 million. He is not an inventor or an entrepreneur. He has not risked his own capital. He is a company executive who has got rich from Britain’s outsourcing boom. Continue reading “G4S: Outsourcer Nick Buckles retires at 52, a multimillionaire”