‘Injustice in Immigration Detention’, an independent report by Dr Anna Lindley

Injustice in Immigration Detention – Bar Council: New research reveals that immigration detention ‘operates in a very unjust way’, has a ‘flawed statutory framework’ & ‘inadequate routes to challenge decisions.’ Our international reputation is at risk’, warns Bar Council.

Migrants held in detention for too long with inadequate access to the courts or to legal help are among a catalogue of problems highlighted by Injustice in Immigration Detention’, an independent report by Dr Anna Lindley of SOAS, published today.

also, please note, from Detention Forum:  A Conservative MP supports a call for time limit, suggesting 28 days

Andrew Mitchell MP has now written for ConservativesHome calling for a time limit.  Some of us will be meeting his office early in the new year to follow this up.  Please share it widely with the hashtag of #Time4aTimeLimit

Manchester immigration detention motion: these walls must fall

Manchester City Council became the first local authority in Britain to pass a motion condemning immigration detention: The These Walls Must Fall motion was proposed by Moss Side councillor Mahadi Sharif Mahamad, and means that the City Council is now fully behind the campaign. After meeting with local residents in the These Walls Must Fall campaign, councillor Mahamad took the proposal to his fellow councillors. Continue reading “Manchester immigration detention motion: these walls must fall”

Encouraging news from Refugee Action

You spoke out for refugees’ right to learn, and the government has listened. In October, we handed our Let Refugees Learn petition in to the Government. It featured more than 10,000 signatures from people like you who believe that giving refugees access to English lessons is vital for them to be able to rebuild their lives here in Britain. Continue reading “Encouraging news from Refugee Action”