Minutes of QARN meeting 18 March 2017

2017/03/1  Treasurer’s Report

We have received the treasurer’s financial report for the last quarter and are pleased to see that there is a healthy balance. We note substantial support from Woodbrooke for our recent conference. We appreciate the work of Journeymen Theatre, to whom we made a grant of £1000 to develop their very effective production, ‘The Bundle’. We agree to approach them to find out if they require support for further capacity building work.  We would offer a grant of up to £1000. We ask John, Barbara and David to take this forward.
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Minute from the ‘Forced Migration: how can Quakers respond’ Conference 5 February 2017

quaker orangeMinute from the ‘Forced Migration: how can Quakers respond’ Conference held at Woodbrooke 3-5 February 2017;

Hosted by the Quaker Asylum and Refugee Network, Quaker Council on European Affairs, Quaker United Nations Office, Quaker Peace and Social Witness and Woodbrooke.

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Minutes from QARN Meeting 22 October 2016 in Manchester

Minute 16/06

We will sometimes invite organisations to talk with us about issues that we hold a concern about, and where relevant we will welcome local groups in the areas where we hold meetings to share their work and experience with us for a short while during out meeting.

We need to consider how we get the voice of people in this system into our meeting. Would this be by inviting people in.


Minute 16/07

We warmly welcome the arrival in the UK of unaccompanied minors from Calais under both the Dublin III agreement and the Dubs Amendment. However, we remain very concerned at the lateness and apparent reluctance of the UK government’s response. Many children remain in temporary accommodation both in Calais and the UK, including in a detention centre. We do not yet know if any have gone missing, as 129 did when part of the camp was cleared earlier in the year. We deplore the lack of political will that has led to such a tardy response, and urge the government to speed up the admission process for all these vulnerable young people.

We agree to send this Minute to the Recording Clerk and QPSW for consideration as a matter of urgency, for proportionate action.


QARN AGM 9 July 2016

Quaker Asylum and Refugee Network (QARN) meeting at Bull Street FMH, Birmingham, on 09.07.2016
Present: Fred Ashmore, John Cockcroft, Elizabeth Coleman, Rosemary Crawley, Barbara Forbes, David Forbes, Catherine Henderson, Diana Hurd, Brian Kendall, Marian McNichol, Sheila Mosley, Alan Pleydell, Bridget Walker, Anthony Wilson

Prevented: Rosemary Andoh, Julia Bush, Crystal Dickenson, Chris Gwyntopher, Christine Hall, Libby Hudson, Val Whittington.

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Minute of QARN Meeting July 2016 at Birmingham Central Quakers Meeting House:

16/05: We agree to approach Journeymen Theatre to produce a presentation on asylum.  We would hope to see extracts from this at our Woodbrooke conference in February. We ask John Cockcroft, Barbara Forbes and David Forbes to work with Journeymen Theatre on this and will ask them to provide an initial outline to be discussed by the Steering Group and an update for our meeting in October. We approve the expenditure of up to £1000 on this project.

Minutes of QARN Meeting – 9 January 2016, held at Friends House, London

qarn logo smMinute 16/01: QARN is enthused at the prospect of creating links with other Quakers across Europe. We appreciate that QCEA is not at this time able to prioritise work on the asylum/refugee issues and that it is undergoing a process of change. We agree to set up a Working Group that will consider ways in which we can create effective links across the Quaker family in Europe that will enable us to network and support each other in working for change in Europe. We ask Barbara Forbes, Brian Kendall, Catherine Henderson and Fred Ashmore to report to our April meeting with ideas about how this could be taken forward.  

We send this Minute to QCEA Council, QPSW and FWCC.

Minute 16/02: QARN considers it purposeful to have a Quaker presence on the National Refugee Welcome Board and we put forward a member of QARN to act as a representative. Catherine Henderson and Fred Ashmore will take on this responsibility in liaison with QPSW.

Minute 16/03: QARN has heard suggestions from Catherine Henderson and Brian Kendall for how time could be valuably applied to furthering our Quaker concern, and we are enthusiastically supporting further discussion taking place with QPSW regarding the creation of a paid post to take this forward. Catherine is in discussion with Helen Drewery.

Minutes: 31 October 2015

Minutes from the QARN meeting 31 October 2015 in Oxford

qarn logo sm15/14: QARN resources are used to further our work. We have decided today that our funds will continue to be used for that purpose (see the website: http://www.qarn.org.uk/homepage/about/ ), and that we will direct people to local and national organisations if they want to donate to a project directly, rather than passing money through QARN.

15/15: We have discussed membership of QARN and the suggestion that Area Meetings could have membership.  We have decided to continue with individual membership.  We hope that individuals will act as conduits between QARN and their AGMs.

15/16: We do not feel an obligation to upload our Minutes to the website, but we can see that it may be useful to make our decisions available on http://qarn.org.uk when appropriate.

Next meetings:

9 January 2016: Friends Meeting House, London

9 April 2016: venue to be confirmed