Right to Remain toolkit to navigate the system

Prepared in August 2018: Our Toolkit is based on people’s experience of the asylum and immigration system, ideas and actions they have found helpful to navigate the system and survive. https://righttoremain.org.uk/preparing-in-case-of-detention-update/

Thank you to Freed Voices for the feedback which has led to updating this page on detention.

QCEA Anti-Migrant Hate Speech report

September 2018: The report in full here http://www.qcea.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Hate-Speech-Report_final.pdf


• Adopt and effectively implement relevant legislation that includes preventive and punitive action to combat incitement to hatred, while making sure that restrictions to freedom of expression are legal, proportional and necessary. Continue reading “QCEA Anti-Migrant Hate Speech report”

QCEA Child Immigration Detention in Europe

Here is a link to QCEA’s Sept 2018 report Child Immigration Detention in Europe: http://www.qcea.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/CID-report_2018.pdfExecutive summary:

This report explores aspects of child immigration detention in Europe. After briefly describing the legal framework and standards at international and European level, the report gives an overview of the situation in Europe by addressing three main questions:
• How many children are detained in the context of migration?
• What laws and policies regulate the practice?
• What are the existing alternatives to child immigration detention? Continue reading “QCEA Child Immigration Detention in Europe”

Hostile or Compliant environment: some changes

Britain can be an unforgiving place for migrants.

The Government’s hostile environment (or, as ministers have since attempted to rebrand it , ‘compliant environment’) policies aim to make life unbearably difficult for undocumented people in order to deter more migrants coming to the UK and to encourage people to leave. Continue reading “Hostile or Compliant environment: some changes”

Liberty report: A Guide to the Hostile Environment

Liberty report: A Guide to the Hostile Environment

Conclusions: This guide to the hostile environment may make for difficult reading, but its purpose is to help us to know our enemy.

Internal border controls amount to state-sanctioned discrimination
and are fundamentally incompatible with the human rights laws the
UK is signed up to. Continue reading “Liberty report: A Guide to the Hostile Environment”

Harmondsworth immigration removal centre – persistent failings in safety and respect

Harmondsworth immigration removal centre (IRC) at Heathrow, holding large numbers of men with mental health problems in prison-like conditions, continued to show “considerable failings” in safety and respect for detainees, according to prison inspectors.

Continue reading “Harmondsworth immigration removal centre – persistent failings in safety and respect”

Refugee Council and Oxfam report: refugee family reunion


Write to your MP: The launch of our report comes ahead of a crucial debate in Parliament in March where MPs will consider changing these rules.  We need at least 100 MPs to attend and vote to allow refugees in the UK to be joined by their families. You can help by making sure that your MP is one of them.

This is a fundamental issue for Parliament and the UK Government, which has
a duty to consider not only the welfare of refugees but also the consequences
for social cohesion in the UK. The Refugee Council and Oxfam are calling on
the UK Government to: Continue reading “Refugee Council and Oxfam report: refugee family reunion”

Proposed changes to Family Reunion – please contact your MP

The Refugee Council, British Red Cross, Amnesty International and others are campaigning to change the UK’s restrictive rules on refugee family reunion. Currently, family reunion for adult refugees is limited to their partner and children under the age of 18. For child refugees, there is no right to bring any family members to the UK. Continue reading “Proposed changes to Family Reunion – please contact your MP”