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Thank you to those who contributions ideas for recommendations for the UK’s review under the UN Universal Periodic Review process. We put your suggestions out to diplomats here in Geneva, and we were pleased to see that refugees’ and migrants’ rights came up frequently during the review, which took place last week.  Continue reading

Universal Periodic Review: UK 2017

From QUNO: Refugee and migrant issues were raised in a total of 29 recommendations by other States. The report containing all the recommendations is available here:

The recommendations most relevant to your concerns were (country making the recommendation to the UK is in brackets): Continue reading

Ask your candidate to sign the Refugees Welcome Pledge

Throughout history, the UK has been a welcoming place of safety for people fleeing some of the world’s most appalling conflicts and regimes.

We’re proud that 10,000 Jewish children found refuge here through the Kindertransport scheme during the Second World War; we’re proud that Britain was there for Uganda’s Asians during their escape from brutal dictator Idi Amin, and we’re proud that Britain will offer a safer future to 20,000 Syrian men, women and children during their hour of greatest need.

Today we’re asking for your help to ensure the UK continues this life saving work. Continue reading

Some Key Questions on Forced Migration.

Why are people forced to migrate? The causes are many and complex.  Each persons reasons for migration are a unique combination.

One example. A couple with their two children who fled from Eritrea to Sudan, Eritrea has one of the most oppressive regimes in the world.. He is a member of a Pentecostalist church which is not registered with the state. Only Churches that are registered are allowed to practice. He went ahead of the family to seek sanctuary in the UK. His application for asylum was refused. The Home Office immigration officer did not believe he had faced persecution because of his religion. The office of the lawyer who had advised him had closed.  He lost his minimal asylum support payments and was homeless. He was forbidden to work.  When I met him he was sleeping in train stations, churches and occasionally with friends. He was under Hammersmith Hospital for diabetes.   Continue reading

Despite the headlines, people care

‘Despite the headlines, people care’ say team behind new refugee befriending scheme

Londoners are being asked to take part in a befriending scheme that matches people with spare time and goodwill, to asylum seekers and refugees who are in need of friendship

A befriending scheme has been launched to match Londoners who have spare time and goodwill, with asylum seekers and refugees in need of friendship. Continue reading

Gatwick Detention Welfare Group are running Refugee Tales 2017

Refugee Tales project is walking from Runnymede to Westminster between 1st – 5th July.  Walkers journey in solidarity with refugees, staying in churches and community buildings and sharing their stories, food and friendship along the way. Each evening there is a free public event, which uses Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales as a model, with prestigious authors telling the stories of asylum seekers and those who work with them, combined with great music and compared by a well-known host.  

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